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It is not a surprise that Riga is firmly in top three Stag destinations in Europe. Not as crowded by tourists as Prague and not as expensive as Amsterdam, it still has all the panache of European capital city. Conveniently located at the seaside in just twenty minutes’ drive from perfect sandy beaches it always attracted its fans. Called Nice of the North or Little Paris thanks to its unique Art Nuevo architecture it is a real treat to spend a weekend over there.


The main international airport is just twenty minutes from the town centre, Ryanair and Wizz Air land right there – what a nice surprise upon arrival. There are three airlines flying to Riga from nine UK airports. If you have left your flight booking to the last minute do not be put off by higher ticket prices – the saving you will make in this rather inexpensive destination will make it all up for you anyway.


It is packed with nice hotels and restaurants, but despite all the glamour, it by all means will not break a bank – the prices are surprising low, possibly lowest in Europe, so you will be certainly saving some of your hard earned, or maybe even splashing out on some extras that seemed out of the budget initially. Drinks, meals and tobacco is still atrociously cheap compared to UK. You do not need to worry about the accommodation either – we partnered not just with most Riga hotels but also we offer you a stay at hotels that are very stag-tolerant – meaning that you will have no problems whatsoever even if someone lucky in your groups will have one drink too much and act, well, to put it nicely, rather peculiar.


The destination is packed with all activities you can imagine, with some exotic ones like Firearms Shooting and Millsim Killhouse. Riga is also a home of one and only Olympic standard bobsleigh track in Easter Europe, and the track is open all year round, being a big hit with the Stag groups. Riga is very pleasant in summer, but also fantastic in the winter when it gets covered by snow and winter activities such as snowmobiles kick in.


The historic Old Town, where all bars, clubs and pubs are is fully pedestrianized, so you will have all the restaurants and nightlife in arms reach with no need to use taxis all the time. It is full of terraces, beer gardens and gastro pubs. Consider cruising this beautiful medieval city on a beer bike. After indulging yourself in a good Pub Crawl with your mates in Old Town’s beer gardens, hit the epic Riga nightlife – the city that never sleeps. There are many classy nightclubs we will secure VIP entry for, so you will jump the queue and sail straight through. They are open till the early hours in the morning and the dress code is not as strict as in UK, so you should feel at ease. Or, you might want to visit one of the many Riga’s roof terraced bars, offering a stunning view across night city and offering you a nice cool breeze.


According to our feedback Riga has become one of the safest and stag-tolerant places in Eastern Europe. The city is has made a great effort to protect tourists pockets from unscrupulous business and keeps it this way. The locals are welcoming and friendly, like other Scandinavian nations. We will offer you a guided Bar Crawl, so our knowledgeable (and gorgeous) local guides will take you to best nightlife spots, and if you will decide to hit a lap club as well, will make sure you are safe and in good hands if we can put it this way.

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Hello – Sveiki
Please – Ludzu
Thank you – Paldies
Yes – Ja
No – Ne
Cheers – Prieka
One beer please – vienu alu ludzu
Would you like to dance – Padejosim?
He is the one who’s paying – Vinsh samaksas
Champagne for everyone! – Visiem Shampanieti!
These are not my pants – Tas nav manas bikses
I left my wallet in my time machine – Es atstaju savu maku sava laika mashina