“All activities were excellent. Everyone enjoyed the weekend and would do them again. Overall, an excellent weekend and very good value for money.”

Very good Graham - May 2017

“The Party Bus was brilliant. We would highly recommend this. We would pick to do the same activities if we were to do it again.”

Very good Josh - May 2017

“Loved the Bobsleigh. Good staff no problems. We would come come again.”

Excellent Jon - May 2017

“All of the activities were very well organised and very good value. The Guided Bar Crawl was excellent and gave us a good idea of places to go, our guide during this tour was perfect. We enjoyed all of the activities and would highly recommend them.”

Very good Dan - April 2017

“Both the paintballing and the Go Karting were fantastic! X-Dream hotel: perfect hotel for a Stag Do!”

Very good Mathieu - April 2017

“Had an immerse time, all the girls were great company and very helpful. I would recommend to anyone who wants to have a party!”

Excellent Simon - April 2017


Very good James - April 2017

“Shooting range was epic. Bars were fantastic. The drivers are beautiful.”

Excellent Sam - April 2017

“Dodo hotel - nice and clean, friendly staff. Activities were varied and well organised. Transfers to and from venues made it a lot easier. Guided Bar Crawl was fantastic!”

Very good Richard - April 2017

“Top Notch.”

Excellent Max - April 2017

“Go Karting was awesome. Enjoyed the weekend.”

Very good Ben - April 2017

“Activities were great, club was ace. Friendly and patient.”

Excellent Chris - April 2017

“All activities enjoyed by group.”

Excellent Ryan - April 2017

“All good fun! Excellent treatment. Great activities.”

Excellent Sion - April 2017

“All activities were great. No problems with anything. Guides very helpful and informative. Would recommend all of them!”

Excellent Scott - March 2017

“X-Dream hotel: very nice. Activities: very nice, the guides were very good and very helpful.”

Excellent Connor - March 2017

“Viktorija International hotel - good. Guided Bar Crawl, Beer Bike and Winter Bobsleigh all good.”

Very good Chris - March 2017

“X-Dream hotel very good. Firearms Shooting, Beer Bike and Guided Bar Crawl were very good.”

Very good Samuel - March 2017

“Sweet. Loved our guide.”

Very good Joe - March 2017

“Great activity and we enjoyed it!”

Excellent John - March 2017

“Amazing, fantastic, fabulous.”

Very good Nathan - March 2017

“All activities were excellent.”

Excellent Chris - March 2017

“Night Limo Tour and Lap Dancing Entry were good, all OK.”

Acceptable Avi - March 2017

“Viktorija Hotel - happy, done the job. Activities - very happy with everything. So much fun and had a great time.”

Very good Charlie - March 2017

“Shooting was great.”

Excellent Lloyd - March 2017

“Guys very happy. Professional plus good value for money.”

Very good Leon - March 2017


Excellent Joe - March 2017

“Staff was amazing. All activities have exceeded expectations, the group loved it.”

Very good Anthony - March 2017

“Activities were good and well organised.”

Good Neel - March 2017

“Well organised and reliable, and friendly too.”

Excellent Myles - March 2017

“Quick transportation and reliable pick up and drop off.”

Very good Hitesh - February 2017

“Loved the Shooting!”

Excellent Michael - February 2017

“Dodo hotel - good hotel, bad location. Activities all very good.”

Satisfactory Simon - February 2017


Very good Karl - February 2017

“Boys loved the activities and Jana was such a competent guide.”

Excellent Diarmuid - February 2017

“All of the activities were amazing and the whole stag party had a brilliant time..”

Excellent James - February 2017

“Great value for money. Friendly staff. A lot of fun. Good experience.”

Excellent Krupesh - February 2017

“All activities were as expected. Enjoyable and stag appropriate. Guides are fun and friendly - happy to help.”

Excellent Tom - February 2017

“Activities were well organised... Hotel X-Dream is the perfect spot for a Stag Weekend.”

Excellent Ryan - February 2017

“All activities we had booked in were very good.”

Very good Simon - February 2017

“It was good, had fun.”

Very good David - February 2017

“Everyone loved the activity. Extremely helpful staff.”

Very good Ville - February 2017

“Stag In hostel good. Firearms Shooting, Beer Bike and Guided Bar Crawl were good, OK.”

Acceptable Jerry - February 2017

“X-Dream hotel - clean and tidy. Indoor Karting, Firearms Shooting and Guided Bar Crawl all good. Love Marina.”

Good Thomas - February 2017

“All excellent.”

Very good Jeremy - February 2017

“Loved all of the activities. Olympic Bobsleigh was great. Staff was friendly. Everything was excellent.”

Excellent Aden - February 2017

“Dodo hotel - very good, better than expected. Very good weekend. Guides were fantastic girls and looked after us.”

Very good Lee - February 2017

“Very good. Sexy guides. Go Karting was the best.”

Excellent Robert - January 2017


Excellent Dean - January 2017

“Activities were good. Good variety of bars. Really enjoyed 4x4.”

Excellent Brynley - January 2017