let’s try Barcelona!

what to do?

Barcelona is quickly becoming THE destination for a Stag or Hen who wants to celebrate with a little more class than the usual. It’s a city of Sun, beaches, beautiful people and an infectious energy.

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Barcelona is a city like no other; a beautiful modern city wedged between the seas and the mountains. It has an incredible mixture of different nationalities and influence from cultures from around Europe; an incredible nightlife, fantastic architecture, local culture, and surrounded by nature, it’s the perfect place for those who want to Give the Stag/Hen a send-off in style.

bars & pubs

If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, chances are you have heard of the famous; Las Ramblas. This street has the famous gothic quarter to one side and Raval to the other. The small streets and architecture have a special charm and they are theming with bars and restaurants, the Bar crawl is the perfect way to check out some of the hot spots to get your night started. A must do, is to dedicate at least one night to a rooftop Bar.

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Barcelona starts much later than you might be used to in the UK. After leaving the bars between 00:00 and 01:00am, it’s time to hit the clubs, which usually open around midnight and the party continues until 05:00 or 06:00am. You can go to a more casual club where the dress code is relaxed and you can feel free to express yourself, but why not try one of the beautiful clubs right next to the beach. The dress code is smart and sexy, the DJs are off the chart, and to turn it up even more book a table to celebrate in style, after all; this is the time to party like there is no tomorrow (just be aware that after the party a hangover usually follows). If you make it to closing, why not stay on the beach for the first sunrise of the day…sounds like a good night to me!