let’s try Bratislava!

what to do?

Bratislava with its compact city centre - all the nightlife hot spots are at hand in walking distance, wild nightlife, gorgeous girls and cheap prices becomes a sought-after destination for the stag weekends.

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City centre of Bratislava is small but provides a huge variety of pubs and bars with sunny terraces in the summer, lap clubs and night clubs full of good-looking Slovak girls and the most important cheap alcohol. The city itself has cosy atmosphere and it will get your attention with its medieval architecture and picturesque panorama.

bars & pubs

The city centre also called Stare mesto is home to many bars and pubs with sunny terraces in the summer that often play live music inside. After sun goes down and the alcohol level rises the city starts to wake up to the wild nightlife.

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There are many lap clubs and night clubs offering an endless fun for reasonable prices. The centre is so compact that you won't need to get taxi or walk around the city for ages in case you decide to go from bar to bar or from club to club.