let’s try Bucharest!

what to do?

Bucharest, apart from other European Capitals, is THE place where you can easily make the best out of your holiday regardless the weather or season. This place is simply vibrant all year long! Indoor and outdoor activities vary from

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Over 600 years of history have turned Bucharest into a map of significant periods in Romania’s progress. Glance up around the city center and you will see drop-dead gorgeous buildings standing next to opulent Communist-era edifices. This fusion - from Oriental Byzantine to French neoclassical to communist-era apartment buildings - makes the architecture intriguing and kicks up the interest in stepping into the museums.

Nowadays, a much growing destination for the amazing nightlife, Bucharest is a great city to party in, where clubs and bars are open 7 days a week, from mid-day to late in the morning.
What is more, today, Bucharest is home to art galleries, antique shops, coffeehouses, and restaurants. For those in search of peace and quiet, Bucharest’s fabled parks have a lot to offer, indeed, so much has been invested in them in the recent years that they are quickly becoming one of the city’s biggest attractions. Cismigiu Gardens, Botanical Gardens or Herastrau Park are just some of them. And in case the weather is not favorable for outdoor strolls, here are some alternatives:
1. Therme - the biggest wellness, relaxation and entertainment center in Europe
2. Carturesti Carusel – rated one of the world’s most beautiful bookshops by Telegraph UK
3. Palace of Parliament – world’s second largest administrative building (after the Pentagon)

bars & pubs

The Romanian capital offers a lot, a lot more than most tourists expect. Today, Bucharest is not only a clubber's paradise, but tempter of all tastes with everything from cocktail bars to cozy cafes, rooftops and sky bars, jazz clubs to Irish pubs, exquisite venues, thematic places to tawdry taverns. It is impossible to count all the bars, pubs and clubs across the city, but one thing is for sure: You can have it all in just one place and at very reasonable prices!

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If you are here during the summer, make sure you don’t miss the amazing views over the bronze roofs from one of the sky bars. In case you are looking for the hipster population, a bar selling trainer and jeans as well as drinks? Well…we have that too! When night falls, this city shows its face outrageous and is able to offer diverse opportunities for fun and entertainment for all tastes. Known for its Balcanic vibes, the great variety of bars and beautiful girls, the nightlife in Bucharest is something that you should experience at least once in your life and put it on your to-do list here!
Fancy clubs, exquisite restaurants and non-stop party places are very much specific locally and becoming a bit hit throughout Europe, definitely worth trying!