Lisbon Limousine Service

  • Champagne
  • VIP reception by [a rather handsome] chauffeur
  • A glamorous tour around Lisbon
  • A shiny, modern limousine
  • Exciting landmarks
  • The jealous looks of people all around ;)

just £319.00 Per Group

  • Minimum group sizeThe minimum group size is 1

  • guideFriendly English-Speaking guide is INCLUDED

Stag Party in Lisbon for just £90.00 per person? Yes, please! show me

how it will be done

  • The chauffer picks you at your destination.

essential tips

  • Maximum group size 8
“Xdream Hotel - lovely girls and hotel. The food was nice. The shooting was good fun.”

Excellent Joseph - July 2019

Stag Party in Lisbon for just £90.00 per person? Yes, please! show me

Lisbon Limousine Service is a Stag Party transfer in Lisbon

in more detail

You come to Portugal knowing it’s a place with old world charm, new age beauties, deviant parties. Then you sign up for our walking trails and pub crawl activities which are nothing short of sensational. But then, what about traveling from a chic restaurant down to Bairro Alto’s most vaudevillian den, where beauty and extravagance abound? You need more than public transportation for that. So you let us know and we’ll have the sweetest wheels ready to take you. Purring engines, the most spacious interiors and some great ‘extras’ on the side, if you’d like. What do you say?
But that’s not all. We really like making things easy, so the driver will speak your language and sometimes, if they like you, provide great tips on food, party and booze. In fact, we’ll even throw in some quirky Portuguese props that are simply… essential.
For many people, this moment is probably the last time they are investing on themselves exclusively, as well as spending their time having fun with their closest friends. Spend a little… to later remember a lot.
Our limousine services are very cool: the cars are state of the art and, but it’s what you’ll find in the interior of the vehicle that will surprise you the most.
Apart from an overabundance of champagne and cocktails, the surround sound with bass capabilities will get your groove going.
Then, of course, there’s the odd chance you might like some company to spice up the party…
Sheltered in the party tank, we can also arrange a dark-haired, long-legged and brazenly sexy stripper that is bound to make you reconsider about going anywhere else.
This service isn’t just for the boys, mind you!

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