“Didnt want to leave! Loved every minute! Enjoyed all activities, Firearms Shooting was the groups favourite.”

Very good Ross - July 2015

“Good activities, well organised, good people. Quad Biking was great fun and laugh.”

Excellent Simon - July 2015

“Activities were OK. Dodo hotel is a very good hotel.”

Satisfactory Tim - July 2015

“Very fun. Very nice.”

Good Kaj - July 2015

“Activities were as described. Dolphin Jetpack was a good experience. Recommend to others.”

Excellent Kevin - July 2015

“Very good. Staff friendly, helpful and patient. They made sure we had a good time. Go Karting was a nice venue, good value.”

Excellent Paul - July 2015

“Shooting was good fun, as well as the Quad Biking.”

Very good Brian - July 2015

“Activities were good. Belly Dancing lesson was very good.”

Excellent Mel - July 2015

“All in great time. Guides were great so were the activities. Would do again. Thank You.”

Very good Stephen - July 2015

“X-Dream hotel is a good basic hotel. Sabrina was agressive...”

In need of Improvement Mark - July 2015

“Everyone enjoyed the shooting. Great pick up service with friendly patient staff. Beer Bike was great fun.”

Very good Eddy - July 2015

“Activities are OK. X-Dream hotel: Bar staff and receptionist friendly.”

Very good David - July 2015

“Brilliant. Fit. Mint.”

Very good Ian - July 2015

“Bobsleigh was good fun. Staff were very patient.”

Excellent Alex - July 2015

“Local beer was great. Welcoming clubs. Good.”

Satisfactory Mike - July 2015

“Very happy with service - friendly staff and very well organised. Will recommend and use again. Thank you for a great experience!”

Very good Chantelle - July 2015

“Really good activities. Summer Bobsleigh was really fun and the Firearms Shooting was awesome. Guides were really helpful.”

Excellent Ben - July 2015

“The Paintballing was great. Quad Biking was great, we were allowed to go full throttle and its an awesome dirt/sand track, great for experienced and non experinced drivers. Bar Crawl was amazing, we visited some amazing bars. Overall, an amazing brilliant Stag Party!”

Very good Craig - July 2015

“Shooting was fantastic.”

Good Mark - June 2015

“Viktorija hotel OK. Activities well organised, night club was good.”

Satisfactory Richard - June 2015

“Amazing. Excellent, it wasnt what I expected at all.”

Excellent John - June 2015

“Good value for money. Always happy with travel and activities. Absolutely fab time.”

Excellent Lewis - June 2015

“Firearms Shooting was brilliant, great explanations and demonstrations. Would definitely come again.”

Very good Julian - June 2015

“X-Dream hotel: Decent. Activities: Joyous.”

Satisfactory Kevin - June 2015

“Quad Biking was ace. Firearms Shooting good.”

Very good Jonathan - June 2015

“Brilliant, good value, transport easy and on time. Awesome time had by all. Going home happy!”

Excellent Chris - June 2015

“Very nice activities.”

Good Garry - June 2015

“Summer Bobsleigh was fun. X-Dream hotel was great, staff were delightful, great location.”

Very good Richard - June 2015

“We enjoyed activities. Staff were very nice.”

Excellent David - June 2015

“Very helpful plus friendly staff. You made us feel very welcome from Day One.”

Excellent Ollie - June 2015

“X-Dream hotel OK. Activities OK, average.”

In need of Improvement Ben - June 2015

“Firearms Shooting was brilliant. Beer Bike staff firendly and helpful.”

Very good Daniel - June 2015

“Firearms Shooting - great experience. Summer Bobsleigh - fantastic. Staff did very well to look after our needs. Could not be better!”

Excellent Stephen - May 2015

“Extraordinary! We really enjoyed the Dolphin Jetpack and the Firearms Shooting.”

Very good Christoffer - May 2015

“Awesome activities. Good value. Great quality.”

Good Bill - May 2015

“We opted for the shooting and bobsleigh. Both were great, especially the bobsleigh.”

Excellent Mark - May 2015

“Great activities, staff helpful.”

Good Chris - May 2015

“Bobsleigh was amazing. Very good.”

Good - May 2015

“Very fun. Firearms Shooting was fun, Beer Bike was hard work but very good. Staff is great.”

Excellent Stephen - May 2015

“Great for Stag party groups. Very well organised.”

Very good Craig - May 2015

“Go Karting was awesome. Bar Crawl was fun and guides were great. Staff were really amazing and helpful and we are really happy with them.”

Excellent Iolo - May 2015

“Really enjoyed the Bar Crawl and the photos that the guide had taken for us. X-Dream hotel is clean, comfortable and served its purpose.”

Very good Dean - May 2015

“Activities very good. We love this place.”

Very good Rob - May 2015

“Shooting activities are brilliant. X-Dream hotel was clean plus friendly. Comfy beds.”

Very good Paul - May 2015

“Paintballing was the highlight of the weekend. Beer Bike organisers were cool, we enjoyed biking around town.”

Very good Ryan - May 2015

“Well organised and a good value. Overall a fantastic weekend and all of the lads enjoyed it.”

Excellent Daniel - May 2015

“X-Dream hotel was OK, adequate. Activities were OK.”

Acceptable Ed - May 2015

“Excellent, enjoyed it very much. Would recommend.”

Very good James - May 2015

“Good activities, we are happy. Paintball was great and fun. Quad Biking was great. The perfect weekend!”

Very good Emmanuel - April 2015

“Good fun. Enjoyable.”

Good Barry - April 2015

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