“Stag arrest was incredible, best activity ever seen on a stag do. Domination show was brilliant. All staff are very hot and friendly. Go karting should have longer races and laps. The track is really good. Stag arrest was brilliant. Beer Bike should have more beer, bike should be longer journey. Beer bike should start in the evening. Women were very nice.”

Very good William - March 2018

“Nice hotel, great location. Really enjoyed. All the guides really nice and helpful.”

Excellent Luke - March 2018

“Excellent Hotel. Over all very good, would be good if bar crawl included complimenting beer in price.”

Very good CHRISTIAN - March 2018

“Boobies a big positive! Some rooms had issues with air can/windows/showers. Comfy beds. Great staff. Reasonable price on drinks. Food took a long time to arrive. Shooting was awesome. Beer bike was excellent. Guides were good fun.”

Excellent Rhys - March 2018

“Great Hotel, everyone is friendly and very accommodating, we love Riga! Activities – the firearms range was fantastic. Stag arrest was brilliant. Very well organized. Night clubs in Riga are the best.”

Excellent Ryan - March 2018

“Perfect for stag do-everythihng you need. Really enjoyable for all activities and very well organised. Good information and organisation from staff. Staff all very good. Thank you!”

Excellent Jamie - February 2018

“Very good value for money and very happy to help. All activities were fun and enjoyed by all.”

Excellent David - February 2018

“Perfect. Very nice and clean hotel. Activities – Very helpful staff and well organised.”

Excellent Liam - February 2018

“Nice apartment, all great. Quads – fun, 30 min are perfect!”

Excellent Thomas - February 2018

“Excellent for big groups sharing. Stag arrest was very real and scary, better than expected. Shooting is a good experience.”

Excellent Ryan - February 2018

“Good, we had lifts to the activities. Drivers were fantastic. Guides' English was really good and they were very friendly. SPA day was relaxing.”

Excellent Callum - February 2018

“Shooting – enjoyed the trip and very impressed with organisation + driving!”

Excellent Michael - February 2018

“Activities – good price, cool!”

Excellent Mark - February 2018

“Great time, hotel A1 not so great. Activities - loved it. Great gyus and girls. Safe and warm welcome.”

Excellent Nick - February 2018

“Has everything that our group needed to enjoy our stay. We enjoyed all activities and thought all members of staff involved was very helpful and polite and would like to thank all for add... to our stag due experience . We all would definitely recommend this company to others.”

Excellent Michael - February 2018

“The staff have been really helpful, The guides have been great. Really well organized, good fun.”

Excellent ALASDAIR - February 2018

“Hotel was very clean, well marged, safe and perfect for stag groups. Very well organized, guides were very helpful. Rock Cafe on on bar Crawl was excellent.”

Very good Terry - February 2018

“The hotel was basic but was Great for the stag do. We had a great time. Organizing activities throw chilli sous was a breeze and the activities on the day were brilliant.”

Excellent KIERAN - February 2018

“Dwarf was very accommodating. However it would have been more entertaining if the dwarf had been dressed up.”

Excellent Ollie - February 2018

“Hotel was great, so was the SPA. Great location next to Old Town. Pub Crawl was good to find a few good bars and find our feet in Riga. Shooting was enjoyable the guided translated all safety instrutions well and clear. O karting was brilliant. All transfers were on time and friendly, helpful guides. Thank for a great weekends.”

Excellent Ben - February 2018

“All good fun and well arranged, everything was organised and we felt well looked after with all our needs. Thank you!”

Excellent Rob - February 2018

“Very good facilities. Very friendly staff. Fantastic. Great guide on bar crawl. Shooting was great fun. Thank you!”

Excellent Michael - February 2018

“Jana on bar crawl was fantastic, helpful and friendly, very good, bar crawl was well priced. Beer bike sunghtly expensive but driver was pleasant and friendly!”

Good Craig - January 2018

“Hotel – fantastic! Activities were very good. Thanks. All the guides where great! 10/10”

Excellent Scott - January 2018

“Quad bike very good!”

Excellent Lee - January 2018

“Nice hotel, beautiful staff. Enjoyable activities, lots of fun.”

Excellent Tony - December 2017

“Better than expected. Great staff. All was excellent!”

Excellent Andrew - December 2017

“Excellent service and extremely friendly staff. Always willing to help and offer assistance. Access to and from the city centre was superb which saved us time. We would all like to say a big thank you to all the staff at the Xdream hotel.”

Excellent Simon - December 2017

“This hotel was xtreme. Fast bobsleigh was awesome.”

Very good Christopher - December 2017

“Hotel is good location. Breakfast not very good. Bar crawl – excellent. Night club – super. We will come back.”

Excellent DAN - December 2017

“Very easy to gut in to town. Beer bike - fun wouldn't recommend in the winter time. Bar crawl - do not book this activity if you started drinking at 5 am! Night club excellent good music and confetti very smoke though. All the transfers have been spot on. Made everything really easy.”

Excellent Sam - December 2017

“Good. Absolutely super, fantastic, excellent, awesome fun!”

Excellent Craig - December 2017

“Good Price, clean + big rooms. Guns are awesome. Guides are amazing. Transfers spot on! Great overall experience and the guides are well worth it.”

Excellent Jason - December 2017

“Hotel stay really good, staff very friendly would come again. Amazing, best thing that we has done. All hosts and group leaders were awesome. Recommend high.”

Excellent Alex - December 2017

“All activities were excellent, bobsleigh very fast. We have had good time, ladies taxi drivers have been excellent!”

Excellent Matt - December 2017

“Apartments – Perfect! Great location, price and comfort. Activities – could not be better!”

Excellent Baz - December 2017

“Hotel staff were very welcoming and very attentive. The main room with bar is very modern and compatible. The bar staff were easy to talk to and had a good sense of humor. The rooms themselves were basic and maybe could do with being updated but were fine for sleeping. Activities - we booked a guided bar crawl as we weren't sure what to expect in Riga Old Town. Julia our guide was amazing, she took us to all the bars and pubs that suited us and the ones that had happy hour were great. Clay pigeon shooting was great everyone enjoyed it even though some people were rubbish. Thank you very much for a great stay!”

Excellent Matthew - December 2017

“Really good hotel. Activities were excellent and guides were very helpful. Very well planned and organized.”

Excellent Peter - December 2017

“Hotel - great hotel, staff couldn't do enough for you, rooms were perfect for what we needed + great beer! Activities - really good, pub crawl was awesome, got to see the different sites of Riga. The bobsleigh was an epic experience . The club was not disapointed arrived at 12 + staying till 5 go to home been good . The guides were fantastic throughout.”

Excellent Ben - December 2017

“Quad bikes were good fun! Beer bike could have been better. Night Club would recommend.”

Good Dan - December 2017

“Hotel: really nice place, clean and tidy. Activities: Lap dancing – very good; shooting - too quickly.”

Very good Dean - December 2017

“Excellent hotel; we would return and recommend it. Activities - I've never been to karaoke before and I found it very interesting - good stuff, smashing time! Love my first visit to a Baltic State and I wish return; excellent food and great restaurants.”

Excellent Stephen - December 2017

“Hotel was brilliant. Activities very good!”

Excellent Ben - December 2017

“Good basic acomodation in good spot. Get what you pay for. Great experience on bobsleigh. Skiing good for beginers, got to try boarding and skiing.”

Excellent Steve - November 2017

“Party bus was a perfect way to start the trip off. Shooting was perfect! Great range of gust+ good amount of health and safety. Winter bobsleigh was great fun very quick, all round fantastic. Final night was brilliant at the dub. All Round a fantastic trip. Thanks.”

Excellent Josh - November 2017

“Fun. Music, food, party, What else do we need? Fun, the shooting was scary. Quad hurt my thumb, but it was great! Beer bike was great. Latvians looked very surprised. Bobsleigh broke my neck but was great.”

Excellent Tom - November 2017

“Enjoyed our stay. The boys had fun drinking and dancing.”

Excellent Ryan - September 2017

“Enjoyable and good value for money.”

Very good Matt - September 2017

“The Bar Crawl was a great fun with a fantastic guide.”

Excellent Lasse - September 2017

“All activities where very good. Very helpful.”

Satisfactory Mike - September 2017

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