“Activities were fantastic, particularly Beer Bike plus Shooting.”

Very good George - December 2016

“Bobsleighing - amazing. Winter Climbing - both good fun. Everyone really enjoyed themselves.”

Excellent Daniel - December 2016

“Lot of fun, good venues. Felt safe, not ripped off. Guides looked after group very well.”

Very good Michael - December 2016

“All activities were brilliant. Enjoyed them all.”

Excellent Dale - December 2016

“Transfers all on time. Good fun. Not able to do in the UK so I would recommend to others.”

Excellent Peter - December 2016

“Amazing activities. Would recommend to others. Stag Inn Hostel: really friendly staff. Tour guides were excellent!”

Excellent Rob - December 2016

“Enjoyed activities a lot. Good variety of choice. Good transfers to and from.”

Very good Freddy - December 2016

“Very happy.”

Very good Liam - December 2016

“Hostel was really nice. Guided Bar Crawl and Firearms Shooting were good, thanks.”

Good Alec - December 2016

“We all had a great time and the staff were amazing. They put up with a lot and still remained friendly”

Excellent Tom - December 2016

“All enjoyed the shooting and the Quad Biking, especially Quad Biking.”

Excellent Luke - December 2016

“Shooting good. Bar Crawl could have been quicker. Great guides.”

Satisfactory Phil - December 2016

“Amazing activities, excellent organisation. Made sure we were where we needed to be on time. Fun, exciting. Will definitely be back for our next stag.”

Very good Maxwell - December 2016

“The activity we had was the Outdoor Karting. The two drivers/ taxi drivers were fantastic and the activity was that good that we were discussing the event all night long very good.”

Excellent Jonathan - December 2016

“Everything that we have done has been amazing, so happy that we could share our ocassion with you.”

Very good Jonathan - December 2016

“Well organised, it worked perfectly. We loved the Party Bus Airport transfer but a particular favourite was the Stag Arrest.”

Excellent Tom - December 2016

“All activities we had booked were good fun.”

Very good Pritan - December 2016

“X-Dream hotel - we had what we needed. Activities were good.”

Satisfactory Mark - December 2016

“All activities were good. Bar Crawl guide wasnt smiley enough, but overall it was good.”

Good Steven - November 2016

“I wish I could do all of the activities again. Firearms Shooting was fantastic. All of the bars were brilliant, everyone was super friendly. Outdoor Go-karting was ace. Top banana!”

Excellent Stewart - November 2016

“Snowboarding, Winter Bobsleigh and Shooting were all OK.”

Satisfactory Paul - November 2016

“Activities were well organised and ran smoothly. We really enjoyed the Outdoor Karting and the Guided Bar Crawl.”

Very good Tom - November 2016

“Very good activities, no problems at all, all enjoyed activities.”

Excellent Kishan - November 2016

“Great fun - would do it again. X-Dream hotel: all staff were very kind and helpful..”

Very good Symon - November 2016

“Bar Crawl was really good Jana (guide) was amazing, stayed with us all night. Shooting was fun. Go Karting was good but not long enough.”

Very good Sean - November 2016

“Excellent service, very helpful. Great time.”

Very good Tom - November 2016

“All activities we had booked in were very good. Thank you so much.”

Very good Nando - November 2016

“Good activities.”

Very good Nathan - November 2016

“Activities were fantastic. All enjoyed. Great value.”

Excellent Jag - November 2016

“Good fun. Stag had good time.”

Excellent Will - November 2016


Excellent Matthew - November 2016

“All the activities were great and reasonably priced. Very happy with the weekend. Great time had by all.”

Excellent James - November 2016

“X-Dream hotel: Amazing hotel and top quality staff.”

Excellent James - November 2016

“Olga (guide) was fantastic! Great driving and evry friendly. She should get employee of the month.”

Excellent Chris - November 2016

“Very good day. Night was good too. Too much drink though!”

Good Andrew - November 2016

“All activities went past expectation. And a great time. All Staff Excellent.”

Very good Robert - November 2016

“Summer Bobsleigh was brilliant, Beer Bike was great and the trip went smoothly.”

Very good Warren - November 2016

“Brewery: lots of fun, interesting tour, taste ingredients, sample beer and snacks. Bar Crawl: range of bars and clubs was decent. Quad Biking: great fun, good quality.”

Very good Narendra - November 2016


Excellent Chris - November 2016

“The shooting and bar crawl were fantastic.”

Excellent Peter - November 2016

“Beer Bike was fun but cold in October...”

Good Chris - November 2016

“Great fun - well organised. Shame about the rain!”

Excellent Rebecca - October 2016


Excellent Craig - October 2016

“All activities were brilliant... X-Dream: Fantastic, everyone 100% lovely and very helpful...”

Excellent Jake - October 2016

“All activities were good and well organised.”

Very good Paul - October 2016

“X-Dream hotel - crazy. Beer Bike was fun just a shame about the weather. Stripper Limo was fun.”

Satisfactory Tom - October 2016

“Activities were fun would definitely come again.”

Very good Kristopher - October 2016

“Bar Crawl - did not enjoy. Go Karting - very good.”

Acceptable Benn - October 2016

“Activities were as described and very fun - nightclub we were taken to was fantastic. Shooting was brilliant and we were thankful for the ear defenders.”

Very good Martyn - October 2016

“Bobsleigh: better than expected, very just, could have done more runs. Overall very good service.”

Satisfactory Matthew - October 2016

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