Stag Inn Hostel

The ideal simple stay

  • 4 rooms accommodating 26 guests in total
  • Coffee breakfast
  • Run of the House Allocation
  • Wi-Fi communal area coverage

just €12.00 Per Person

  • Coffee Breakfast

  • 24 Hr Reception

  • Wi-Fi Communal Area Coverage

  • Bar

  • Sauna

  • Lap Club

  • Cold Plunge Pool

  • Bar Food Available

Stag Party in Riga for just €90.00 per person? Yes, please! show me

“The hotel was very clear and comfortable. Perfect for our needs. Staff were friendly and helpful. Activities: The activities were fun. Shooting was good fun and relaxed. The bar crawl with Natasha was great. She took us to the places we would like and catered it around us. Would recommend again.”

Excellent Jamie - August 2019

Stag Party in Riga for just €90.00 per person? Yes, please! show me

Stag Inn Hostel is a Hotel for Stag Parties in Riga

in more detail

The hostel is located in the basement floor of X-Dream hotel. However, hostel guests are using main hotel reception, bar, etc. same as hotel guests. The coffee breakfast is served also in the hotel's bar. Stag Inn Hostel has separate entrance from the street.

There are just 4 rooms in the hostel, accommodating 26 guests in total. There is a shared shower with two shower cabins and shared lavatory with one toilet and one urinal. The guests are free to use more toilets one floor up at the hotels reception.

Also please note that we do not mix groups in the hostel, so they will not share the room with people who are not a part of their group.

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