“The Shooting was fun.”

Very good Steven - September 2016

“X-Dream hotel: nice people and friendly reception. Hotel very exotic.”

Very good Karl - September 2016

“The Stag Yacht party was good but the captain was arguing with the girls so it was a bit awkward. The girls and the show was fantastic.”

In need of Improvement Timothy - September 2016

“X-Dream hotel: hotel is good venue for a Stag trip.”

Excellent Duncan - September 2016

“X-dream hotel - good. Activities - enjoyable.”

Satisfactory Luke - September 2016

“Activities were very well coordinated and of a good value. The X-Dream hotel has everything to make an excellent stag party!”

Very good Michael - August 2016

“Great service. Staff friendly and polite. Amazing, thank you.”

Excellent Daryl - August 2016

“X-Dream hotel was good, OK. Firearms Shooting and Guided Bar Crawl were good.”

Acceptable Dale - August 2016

“Activities great all bund.”

Very good Paul - August 2016

“Party Bus was brilliant. Latvian Meal was OK, the beer wasnt good.”

Acceptable Will - August 2016

“The Beer Bike was brilliant fun. Would recommend to others. The staff members were amazing.”

Very good Jamie - August 2016

“100% perfect.”

Excellent Krishan - August 2016

“Firearms was amazing, Beer Bike good fun too. All guides really helpful..”

Excellent Christian - August 2016

“Go Karting was really fun!”

Excellent Sakari - August 2016

“X-Dream hotel - very nice, very clean. Guided Bar Crawl, Summer Bobsleigh and Shooting all very good.”

Good Toby - August 2016

“Limo was insane, awesome addition ot the trip.”

Very good Luke - August 2016

“All great. Everything 5 star.”

Excellent Calum - August 2016

“Well organised, good time. Spot on. Absolutely loved it. Wished it lasted longer. Thank You!”

Very good Owain - August 2016

“Good variety, would recommend. Very fun!”

Good Andrew - August 2016

“Weather was unfortunately terrible but good fun nonetheless.”

Good Dominic - August 2016

“Fantastic weekend. All guides were great, fun and on time. Would recommend.”

Very good Ian - August 2016

“Really friendly guides and great fun. Brilliant weekend.”

Excellent Patric - August 2016

“Amazing. Fantastic!”

Very good Sam - August 2016

“Very fun at Bobsleigh, would recommend. Casino was great, we won.”

Very good Benjamin - August 2016

“OK, shooting was good. Transfers were good too.”

Satisfactory Craig - August 2016

“Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa - hotel is decent. Activities OK, enjoyable.”

Satisfactory Dan - August 2016

“Riga is truly the Baltics hidden gem, with its blend of traditional architecture and charming cobble streets. Truly stole my heart. The guides were great, their driving was top notch.”

Excellent Nick - August 2016

“Very good. Great value! Pretty staff!”

Very good Jack - August 2016

“X-Dream hotel - really good. Guided Bar Crawl and Stag Yacht - really good.”

Very good Richard - August 2016

“Apartments: basic. Beer Bike: lacking music. Yacht - strippers were fun but whipping should be more gentle.”

In need of Improvement Steve - August 2016

“All activities 5-star. Impeccable service. Brilliant.”

Very good Martin - August 2016

“Great service all around. Guides were great and activities all very well organised. Exceeded expectations and would recommend to anyone coming to Riga.”

Excellent Simon - August 2016

“Wellton Centrum Hotel & Spa - very nice. Activities - good, OK.”

Satisfactory Bill - August 2016

“Shooting was brilliant, we all had a great time.”

Very good Colin - August 2016

“Good activities. Well organised.”

Excellent Steven - August 2016

“All very good and well organised.”

Excellent Ricky - August 2016

“Excellent, staff are fantastic and engaging.”

Very good Paul - August 2016

“Activities were good, just OK.”

In need of Improvement Mark - August 2016

“Very well organised, all transfers were helpful.”

Excellent Andrew - August 2016

“The activities were great. We had so much fun! Perfect group of people that took care of us.”

Excellent Thorsten - August 2016

“X-Dream hotel is a good hotel but the staff was rude!”

In need of Improvement Michael - July 2016

“Good activities.”

Good Rich - July 2016

“We loved it. Best night ever.”

Excellent Amar - July 2016

“X-Dream hotel - brilliant hotel and staff, would stay again. All activities very good.”

Very good Scott - July 2016

“Apartments - reasonably priced. Activities - well organised.”

Satisfactory Mike - July 2016

“Go Karting and Bobsleigh both excellent. All really enjoyed them despite the weather conditions.”

Good Martin - July 2016

“X-Dream hotel - friendly staff. Bar Crawl good. Beer Bike good too.”

Satisfactory Ryan - July 2016

“Perfect. Amazing.”

Very good Dominic - July 2016

“Bar Crawl was good, Shooting was spot on, exactly what we wanted. Club night was banging!”

Very good James - July 2016

“Good activities, thoroughly enjoyed.”

Satisfactory Nikesh - July 2016

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