“Good activities.”

Satisfactory Franke - February 2016

“Bar Crawl was very enjoyable. Night club was lots of fun! Hosts were brilliant.”

Excellent Craig - February 2016

“Everything was just OK.”

Acceptable Elliot - January 2016

“Bobsledding out of this world, very enjoyable. Well planned trip.”

Very good Jamie - January 2016

“Good value for money. Party Bus was excellent...”

Very good Jose - January 2016

“Really enjoyed ourselves.”

Very good David - January 2016

“Love Go Karting. Guide was very friendly. All of us had a great time.”

Excellent Matt - January 2016

“Well organised and safe.”

Excellent Philip - January 2016

“X-Dream hotel: OK location.”

In need of Improvement Luke - January 2016


Excellent Liam - January 2016

“Activities were just OK.”

In need of Improvement Neil - December 2015

“Activities were good. Go Karting was excellent, Guided Bar Crawl was good.”

Excellent Hao - December 2015

“Bobsleigh very good. X-Dream hotel: good fun and accurate description, served the purpose well!”

Very good Joel - December 2015

“Really good. Well organised. Friendly staff.”

Excellent Dan - December 2015

“Activities were well organised and transport to and from the hotel was quick and easy. The Firearms Shooting was loud but very enjoyable though.”

Excellent Mark - December 2015

“X-Dream hotel: very good, lovely staff, would certainly come back.”

Very good Nicholas - December 2015

“Group activities were very well. The Steak Meal was very good value. The guides were very nice.”

Very good Luke - December 2015

“Quad Biking was fantastic. Firearms Shooting was good! X-Dream hotel: good location, good fun, decent rooms.”

Excellent Martyn - December 2015

“Beer Bike -good. Winter Bobsleigh - good.”

Very good Matthew - December 2015

“Well organised. Guides very punctual. Everything as expected.”

Excellent Jamie - December 2015

“Very enjoyable. Good activities.”

Excellent Alan - December 2015

“X-Dream hotel: wonderful, all staff very polite and helpful.”

Very good Craig - December 2015

“Superb. Love the Stag Arrest. Thank You.”

Satisfactory Jonothan - December 2015

“Activities just good.”

Acceptable David - November 2015

“Shooting was very good... Great Pub Crawl, good fun. Nice selection of guns.”

Excellent Amit - November 2015

“Very nice. Very friendly. Good fun. Party Bus Airport transfer was ace! Guides were good.”

Excellent Alex - November 2015

“Night club - excellent. Guided Bar Crawl - excellent. Go Karting -excellent.”

Excellent Rikky - November 2015

“All stags had a great time. Everyone loved the Beer Bike...”

Very good Matthew - November 2015

“Girls picking us up made up for rude girls we first met. All activities were OK.”

In need of Improvement Kevin - November 2015

“Activities good and well thouhgt of. Sauna and plunging pool at the X-Dream hotel was great to have for mornings.”

Excellent Stuart - November 2015

“Awesome. Top notch. Great”

Very good Andrew - November 2015

“Shooting - OK. VIP Steak Dinner 6/10.”

In need of Improvement Ganan - November 2015

“Transfers to and from activities always on time plus activities were always arranged great.”

Very good Anthony - November 2015

“Excellent. Well organised. Very friendly.”

Good Tom - November 2015

“Excellent! Very helpful...lots of relaxed fun.”

Very good Nilesh - November 2015

“Fantastic activities, very well organised, safe and fun! Reliable and efficient team.”

Very good Alexander - November 2015

“Activities organised well. Really impressed and happy with the service and how smoothly everything ran. 100% would recommend to any friends.”

Excellent Jeremy - October 2015

“Beer Bike was awesome. The Firearms Shooting changed my life, an extremely enjoyable activity.”

Excellent Jay - October 2015

“The guides were all great - informative, friendly and beautiful. Guided Bar Crawl was very good.”

Excellent Joe - October 2015

“Good activities available. Club on Friday night was excellent.”

Good Oliver - October 2015

“Really enjoyable, love to do it again...”

Very good Richard - October 2015

“All activities were enjoyed by all.”

Excellent Tom - October 2015

“Tres bon.”

Excellent Chris - October 2015

“Very well organised, guides are beautiful, activities were all great.”

Excellent Matthew - October 2015

“Great range of activities and neatly arranged..Beer Bike is a must.”

Very good Peter - October 2015

“Fantastic time had all around, highly recommend.”

Excellent Paul - October 2015

“Activities were very good.”

Excellent Daniel - October 2015

“It takes your mind and soul, we now belong to Riga. Firearms Shooting was very good.”

Very good Samuel - October 2015

“Dodo hotel bit far from old town. Lap Club visit was too early. Girls very friendly.”

Satisfactory Neal - October 2015

“X-Dream: good stay. The activities were good...”

Very good Chris - October 2015

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