“Shooting was excellent. Go Karting was very good and enjoyable.”

Excellent Jezz - October 2015

“Really enjoyed the Bar Crawl. The guide was really nice and polite. The Firearms Shooting range was awesome.”

Excellent Kristian - September 2015

“Yacht was amazing. Guided Bar Crawl was amazing. Very enjoyable events with a pleasant stay.”

Very good Bhavesh - September 2015

“Quad Bike was good, as was the paintball...”

Very good Matthew - September 2015

“Shooting fun and safe. Bobsleigh fun and safe. Guide was good, helpful, punctual and friendly.”

Very good Andrew - September 2015

“Activities OK. Some girls at the Lap Club older than my mum.”

Unsatisfactory Neil - September 2015

“Go Karting was fun. Would do it again. Well done.”

Excellent Danny - September 2015

“Activities just OK.”

Acceptable Joe - September 2015

“Firearms Shooting was a great experience. Range of guns was excellent. Guided Bar Crawl was fun. Guides were very helpful.”

Very good Dhruv - September 2015

“Firearms Shooting - very good. Jetpack - very good. However, the night club we were taken too was empty. Lap club was not a nice ambience, the girls did not make the stag feel comfortable.”

In need of Improvement Agam - September 2015

“Dolphin Jet Pack was good, Go Karting was awesome.”

Very good Tor - September 2015

“Firearms Shooting was much better than it was in Budapest. Everyone enjoyed themselves at Summer Bobsleigh. Guides were all very welcoming and friendly.”

Excellent Joe - September 2015

“Loved the Indoor Karting. Guns were amazing. Great time.”

Very good Tom - September 2015

“Beer Bike was excellent. Firearms Shooting - well organised, good fun.”

Very good Steve - September 2015

“Easy to book and very pleased with the activities.”

Excellent Martin - September 2015

“Shooting was excellent. Plenty of guns to try. Stag Arrest: very well thought out. Stag was shocked and everyone enjoyed everything.”

Excellent Adam - September 2015

“X-Dream hotel: basic and functional. No Red Bull and Jack Daniels left on Sunday.”

In need of Improvement Gavin - September 2015

“Guided Bar crawl was good plus excellent guide. Paintball fantastic, excellent value.”

Excellent Lee - September 2015

“Firearms Shooting and Go Karting was OK. Lap Club really bad.”

In need of Improvement Herman - September 2015

“Belly Dancing good. Very enjoyable. Guided Bar Crawl good.”

Satisfactory Jess - September 2015

“Boat trip was awesome. Good logistics. Relax.”

Very good Kevin - September 2015

“Activities: We had fun!”

Good Daniel - September 2015

“Firearms Shooting - really good experience plus extra shots worth it. Indoor Karting - best thing we did all weekend, well organised, guide was good.”

Excellent Reece - August 2015

“Beer Bike was fantastic. Shooting was good... Great Stag Do. Thank You!”

Good Matt - August 2015

“Irina hotel was just about adequate. Overall we had a very lovely time.”

Acceptable Adam - August 2015

“Enjoyed the night, would recommend to my friends.”

Excellent Johnny - August 2015

“Shooting was amazing. Great fun. Stag Arrest was very good - well planned and made the Stag scared. Great activity. We had a good weekend - thank you!”

Very good Tom - August 2015

“Beer Bike was good. X-Dream hotel: good sauna.”

Very good Alex - August 2015

“Summer Bobsleigh was very good. Guides were brilliant - very helpful and easy to ask for help!”

Excellent Iain - August 2015

“X-Dream hotel was just about fit for purpose. Activities OK.”

Very unsatisfactory Ash - August 2015

“Amazing activities. All well organised and easy for the group to participate.”

Very good Marc - August 2015

“Skanste hotel: rubbish beds. Activities good, OK.”

Very unsatisfactory Darren - August 2015

“Well organised Stag Yacht. Fantastic staff. Thank You.”

Excellent Rory - August 2015

“X-Dream hotel: food terrible, local beer nice. Rooms tidy and spacious.”

Acceptable Kieron - August 2015

“All the activities were great and well organised.”

Very good Steve - August 2015

“The service was excellent and the activities were well organised. The staff were all very helpful.”

Very good Adam - August 2015

“Great time at karting and Beer Bike.”

Satisfactory Silvan - August 2015

“The activities were good and well planned.”

Very good Matthew - August 2015

“Shooting was the best activity by far, great experience. X-Dream hotel: clean well kept. Friendly staff and a good place to get your head down.”

Excellent Jonathan - August 2015

“Transfers good. Guides good. Activities good.”

Very good Vishal - August 2015

“All activities were very good, and lasted a good amount of time. English speaking guides were friendly and explained things well. Left Riga wanting to do more! Will have lots of stories to talk about!”

Very good Nathan - August 2015

“Bar Crawl was brilliant. Karaoke Bar was great fun and our guide joined in which was fun too! Had a great time shooting, Laser Tag was hilarious.”

Very good Chris - August 2015

“X-Dream hotel was nice, close to city centre. Lovely bar staff.”

Very good Nicholas - August 2015

“Party Bus was brilliant. Firearms shooting and Yacht Party were fantastic.”

Excellent Vincent - August 2015

“Very good Bar Crawl guide. Very good and friendly Shooting guide.”

Very good Tom - August 2015

“Pick up and transfers were great. Girls who took us on activities very friendly. The girls were happy to”

Very good Thilip - August 2015

“All activities OK, average. Apartments not applicable.”

In need of Improvement Guillaume - August 2015

“Clay Pigeon Shooting great, good times. Beer Bike great. Bars/Clubs very good.”

Very good Albert - July 2015

“Go Karting the best. Everything was perfect.”

Excellent Kishan - July 2015

“Lap Club was good. Only down side was the men to women ratio. Boat party was a good laugh, would recommend, shame about the weather.”

Satisfactory Shawn - July 2015