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If you’re able to give the boys a little extra beer money at a stag party, you’ll be the host with the most! We’ve created some weekend stag deals at the cheapest rate possible. The money you save can be used for - you guessed it - more beer.

At WW, we know all about parties and understand how costly it can be to book a weekend away with your mates. Thus, we go to great lengths to lower the expenses and enhance the enjoyment factor without ever sacrificing quality.


Each stag party comes with a dedicated account manager to ensure guests get their value for money. We’ve tried and tested every hotel and activity that is a part of our stag parties to ensure your expectations are always beingmet. We won’t ever bring a guest to a venue or a city that doesn’t live up to our standards and guidelines.


We are committed to offering solely quality getaways, and as such, provide you with nothing but the best. We understand that this is the groom’s last day as a “free man”, and that you and the rest of your mates want to give him the best possible send-off you can. You can trust to us to ensure every detail is spot-on. Don’t take our word for it, though: 96% of our customers say they would return to Wicked Weekends in the future.


Each one of our destinations comes with a dedicated manager and a team of stag party experts. Your booking will be handled by someone who knows your preferred stag do destination in and out. They will aid you in putting together a quality package and offer you suggestions on where to find the action you’re looking for.


Unless stated otherwise, just about all our stag do destination accommodations are in the center of the city, allowing you to get to wherever you want easily and without any problems. If you intend to travel abroad, we’ll provide you with guides who can point you to the best local bars available (with a little local knowledge thrown in for agood measure!).


We work diligently to make each stag party as enjoyable as possible for every guest. With over 20,000 guests under our belt since 2002, 96% say they would use us again or recommend us to others. That tells you we’re doing something right, and we’re always working to improve our stag parties to give you the best value for the money spent.


We’re always looking for exciting and innovative things our stag parties can try out. When we discover something that our guests will enjoy, we check it out to ensure the activity adheres to our standards and protocols. We won’t ever bring up a venue or an activity if it doesn’t live up to those standards. Keeping in mind that the trip is all about celebrating the end of the groom’s life as a bachelor, we want to make sure this event will be highly memorable and enjoyable for everyone.

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